Choosing the right care home is one of the most important decisions you can make. Making that decision can be difficult and we completely understand how you are feeling. We provide a warm, loving environment, where care is available around the clock.

Considering and Choosing a Care Home


We encourage future residents and their families to visit and spend time at our homes. You will be made most welcome and be able to see for yourself and and get a feeling if our care home is the right one.

Visits also allow you the opportunity to speak to current residents and to ask staff any questions you may have.

You may find the following points important to bear in mind:

  • What is your first impression when walking into the care home? Does it feel welcoming and a happy place?
  • What does the care home look like? Does the care home look clean, well decorated and engaging?
  • When walking around the home are people being looked after?
  • Listen and watch how people are spoken to and ask ‘does it feel right?’ Do you believe staff know the residents well and are connecting in sensitive ways?
  • Ask about how staff find out about personal interests, hobbies? What sort of activities and entertainment are there?
  • Do residents look happy, content and comfortable?
  • Residents with dementia type illness have a different sense of reality and show different types of behaviour. Do you feel staff are responsive and know what to do?
  • Is there a sense of a shared community with people living and working alongside each other, more like a family being together?
  • Are residents and staff relaxed? Is this a home where people matter first and jobs still get discreetly done?
  • Do you feel that the home is balanced in providing freedom, safety while residents are encouraged to live an ordinary life?
  • Always take a look at the latest Inspection Report from the care sector’s regulatory body Care Quality Commission (CQC). View the latest CQC report.

It’s good to see staff talking, sitting with residents when they are not actually caring for them.

Our Core Values

To provide an environment that provides dignity and respect for all who live and work within.

Where choice, involvement and opportunities are the essence of good care practice.


Meeting individual needs and aspirations through a person-centered care planning process.

Provide a home that is furnished to meet the needs of residents while promoting independence and safety.

To provide support and enable everyone to practice within their chosen faith.


Work within the policies and procedures of regulatory bodies with an open and honest approach.


To have in-house Quality Assurance that provides opportunities to always review our practice and continually work towards excellence.

To maintain a business whose Managers work always in the interest of the service they provide and the reputation of the company.

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